G20 Summit Expectations all over the board


Expectations of what China and the US will discuss at G-20 summit

Ahead of G-20, Trump directs his trade team to find more ways to tax China

Crude oil down to lowest price of 2018

Farm Bankruptcies surging

Marriott Hotels (MAR) down 6% after data breach of over 500 million customers

Abercrombie and Fitch (ANF) up 21% yesterday after earnings beat (How the hell…)

Starbucks is banning porn on its Wi-Fi in 2019…
(why people are jerking off in coffee shops has yet to be determined.)

Forbes analysis of a decent closed end fund for income (PCM)

Google (GOOGL) possibly manipulating search results to hide conservative sites (Breitbart)

‘Pick-and-shovel’ stocks are the best way to get into the marijuana industry, money manager says
This article is a must read for people looking at weed stocks (IIPR, SMG, GWPH, KSHB)

Adrian Day’s views on the current state of royalty companies


S&P 500 bouncing off resistance at 200 day SMA. Target reversion to 9 day EMA. 50 day SMA is only 1.3% above 200 day SMA. Watch for possible death cross which tends to trigger a mass of selling.


Daily NYSE McClellan Oscillator Chart

Previous day MO from  Mcclellan Financial Publications