About NSFW and FAQ


This site premiered January 1, 2019 so we apologize that the amount of content is slim at the moment.We’re working as fast as possible (excuses, excuses… ya lazy sh*ts.) That being said, if you feel you have something to offer in the way of help; feel free to drop us a line. (…was that the appropriate use for a semi-colon? We never know)

(pronounced Not Safe For Wall Street)

1. Why should I care if I don’t have money and don’t know sh*t about it?
In the beginning you can expect articles to tilt more towards beginners to get people up to speed. We don’t know you, but we can pretty much guarantee you will find SOMETHING here that will help you either save or make money. There are financial issues that may be of use even if you don’t care much about money: how Wall Street really operates, learning basic economics so you can make more informed decisions when voting (so it’s not only about social issues), how to “vote” with money, how to make more effective donations to charities, ways to reduce your taxes, etc.

All this being said; beginner articles can actually take a bit more time to put out. Nearly everything we post goes through a short testing phase to make sure it’s fairly easily understood and doesn’t intimidate people who are new to all of this. When you work in finance sometimes you forget that a lot of people don’t know the most basic jargon you use daily. Jargon is a YUGE part of finance and money (and a large part of why industry exists at all) and it will take a while to learn what everything means. It’s like learning a new language (German, French, Mexican…) We will often repeat jargon words and definitions more than necessary and it’s not just to be annoying. It’s language immersion so you will pick up on the meaning and usage more quickly. It’s not a bad idea to read more advanced articles every now and then, even if you don’t understand them, so you can start to familiarize yourself with how some of these terms are used.

2. Financial stuff is boring, why do I want to read any of this?
We agree 100%. Some of this stuff is ungodly boring and tedious, especially the basics and definitions. You have to hang in there a minute to get to the crazy, rich-people stuff. We often get just as bored teaching you about it as you do reading it. Stupid jokes and adding bits of trivia here and there are more to keep us entertained than you. We’ll try and throw in fun stuff to keep you at least semi-interested with the basics when we can to keep you going. Kinda like teaching kids the cuss words in a language first so they can show their friends how awesome they are.

3. Who really runs NSFW and why should we listen to you?
NSFW is a collective of knowledge from people who have worked in all different parts of the financial industry. Asset managers, stock brokers, real estate agents, real estate investors (commercial and residential), analysts, foreclosure managers, etc. A wealth of our information also comes from researching white papers and evidence-based, back-tested theses. For industries that we’re weaker on or have no direct experience in; we try to go straight to the source to speak with those who know best (on all parts of the political spectrum). That being said, do NOT just listen to us without checking sources or doing more research. We firmly believe nobody should get all their information from one damn website (especially when it comes to money) and will never advocate blindly following information anywhere. This site is for informational and entertainment purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice. 

4. Is this a paid site where you’re going to push a premium subscription?
No. We are asking people to pay what they want to keep it going(credit to Amanda Palmer) For example: if you find a tip, trick or recommendation on this site and it saves or makes you money please consider sending us a small portion of it to keep this going. Research can add up to thousands per year for the best information available. We need to keep costs on our side down as much as possible so we can focus more on making a helpful, premium-level site rather than worrying about how much it costs to keep it running.

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5. Are you going to push a bunch of ads and bomb us with spam?
No, we hate that crap too. Especially when companies send you click-baity ads to pay for an investment newsletter using “code” language only to find out they’re recommending you buy something stupid. If we take paid advertisements in the future, it will only be for things we have used ourselves and beneficial for our readers.

6. Will classes or one-on-one coaching ever be a thing?
Absolutely. We are already accepting requests for coaching and will be listing opportunities for classes (online and in-person) soon as well. Classes will cover a range of subjects from the basics of personal finance (boring, but needed) all the way up to things like advanced option trading and hedging strategy. The cost of coaching and classes will be on a kind of sliding scale, based on the information disclosed. We know people with mountains of credit card debt and unsteady income can’t afford much and price accordingly. If you have questions or recommendations for classes, please let us know.

7. Are you going to give us stocks or funds we should buy?
We will give you stocks and funds to CONSIDER, but will never give outright recommendations online. Recommendations need to be reserved for one-on-one clients  and classes where we can help decide if certain investments are even appropriate. People can really end up hurting themselves financially. You don’t want to be on the bankruptcy or foreclosure end of the investment spectrum because of a risky hot-stock bet.

8. Are the people who NSFW licensed?
At the moment, nobody writing for our site holds their licenses active anymore though we may get information from actively licensed individuals. F*ck off, FINRA.

9. I’m an artist/photographer and you’ve used an image of mine without credit. Who do I kill first?
We sincerely apologize. We do our best to credit artists when we can. If you want to be credited or want a picture of yours removed, we’re happy to oblige. On the upside, if you’re an artist or photographer and would like to have your work featured on our site for exposure, we’d love to see your work. And yes, we know you can’t pay rent with exposure, but like we said earlier this site is primarily done out of a donation system. In the future, if income stabilizes we’d love to be able to have more artists on hand if their work fits.

10. Your editing/writing sucks. How come your grammar looks like it came from somebody who just had a massive hemorrhagic stroke?
Valid point. There are several reasons including: none of us are writers by trade, we’d rather get the information out before we get bored, we mostly suck with English and prefer to just quickly write about things we find interesting rather than analyzing dangling participles and j*rking off to Proustian rhetoric.

11. Are you going to push some kinda @#%@$^# political agenda when posting news?
We are seriously going to try our best to remain pretty neutral. In some cases, that means re-posting from sources that we don’t support. Part of teaching people how things really work is disclosing or posting information that we in NO way agree with or advocate. If it’s something we feel extremely strongly about, we will tell you outright if we have an ethical problem with it. But in the end, how you use the information is up to you. We do not feel its our job to dictate your morality.

We offer this stereotype-based example to illustrate our thoughts on neutrality: Flapjack the hacky sack playing 25 year old hippie thinks Trump is the devil, thinks all corporations are evil, and buys his vegan tofu from organic/local grown food co-ops. Courtney is a retirement age Republican, makes $400k a year, thinks Trump is a genius business man, anti-gun control, and thinks Flapjack should get a real job. Both of these people think the other one is an idiot and completely ignorant to how things really work. Well, the truth on any one issue may lean to either side or sit right in the middle factually. We don’t know. The solution is to present all findings in one place, let both people review each others sources, and make decisions accordingly. The good thing about finance is that numbers don’t lie if you understand where the numbers come from. 

12. Why the asterisks if you cuss so much? Why don’t you just not cuss?
Content Filters/Blockers. If you want to read this site at work, school, or your puritanical Grandma’s house we don’t want to get blocked because of a stupid word. This isn’t a website for the easily offended. It’s name is a f*cking take off of not safe for work, what did you expect. The honest answer is that it’s easier for us to write exactly the way we would speak and want to remove the loftiness of talking about finance.

234. Did you ever notice an asterisk kinda looks like a butthole?
Yes * and we appreciate the irony.

11. I read one of your articles and lost all my money doing something risky that I thought you recommended. I’m going to contact the Better Business Bureau.
Contacting the BBB is certainly one option. However we have also found that screaming your complaints directly into a dirty toilet and immediate sterilization of you and your loved ones to be equally effective methods of expressing distaste for NSFW.

Bonus Fun Time: Read aloud this list of naughty words for web designers to block and try to keep a straight face.