All in one free tool-set to review stocks. All the financial numbers are laid out very clearly. Includes a much better stock screener than you will find on your broker’s site.
Use the Insider tab to see recent insider (executives and 10% owners) buys and sells.

Enter the symbol and it will give you an amazing visual of financials, pricing, and fair value estimates

Nasdaq Guru Screener
Great tool for beginners to get starting point ideas. Gives lists of stocks that fit the basic criteria of a few well known investors.

The industry standard for simple technical charting. The charts at the broker sites (Vanguard, Schwab, etc) are garbage and generally have a 15 minute delay on pricing.

Predefined Technical Scans for StockCharts

Options Screener
Great for pulling ideas from unusual option activity

Option Strike Pegger
Calculates the strike price that generates “max pain” for options owners in a given expiration month.

Trading View
Another great option for charting stocks. Bonus: it’s the go-to site for charting cryptocurrencies. The most common charting sites like Stockcharts don’t track crypto as of yet.

Growth Rate (CAGR) Calculator
Enter the symbol and dates for a stock (going back to 1995) and it will show you the annual growth rate with and without dividend reinvestment. If the chart starts at a later date than you entered, its probably because the stock or fund wasn’t on the market yet.

Investment Calculators
Used for determining required annual additions, required rate of return, number of years to meet investment goals. Note: If it says you need to have a number in the box of the field you’re trying to get an answer for, just enter any random number.

Futures snapshot
Look here if you want to get a glimpse of where futures are trading for all major indices and commodities. Easy way to get an idea if the stock market will open up or down.

Nasdaq Pre-Market Movers
Stocks trading in extended sessions before the market opens. Check to see if your broker offers this option.

Nasdaq Post-Market Movers
Stocks trading in extended sessions after the market closes. Check to see if your broker offers this option.

Currency Exchanges
The most watched are US Dollar, Japanese Yen, Great Britain Pound, Euro, Swiss Franc, and the Canadian Dollar. Quick tip: for currency conversion to the dollar, just type the name of the currency in google and it will show a calculator for you.

WSJ Bond Benchmarks and Bloomberg Bond Markets
Overviews of all the major bond benchmarks.

Bitcoin and Crypto Markets Quick View
The Top crypto site. Shows price changes for the top 100 coins on one page.

Gold against Currencies
The key for checking if gold is rising globally is to make sure it is up against the big 5. The US Dollar, Euro, British Pound, Swiss Franc, and the Japanese Yen.

Gold against Currencies (alt. view)

Easiest way to review ETF and Mutual Fund portfolio composition and holdings
The default here is for SPY. To look at a different fund just enter in the quote search box at the top of the page.

Enter in the symbol of the mutual funds offered by your 401K to review all the info you could need on them.

Closed end Funds Connect
The only site you really ever need to review closed end funds. Note: if you’re looking for fund holdings, click on portfolio characteristics.

Bond prices
Use this to find how far off of par value bonds are trading.

ETF connect
Plug in a stock and it will tell you what ETFs currently hold it.

ETF exposure tool
Alternative choice to find stock exposure in ETFs

ETF flows
Track daily ETF fund flows

ETF overlap
Enter in 2 ETFs you are considering to see what occurs in both. Helps to avoid over-weighting stocks.

Market Screener
Another fairly visual site to quickly evaluate stocks. Good source of analyst consensus.

Tip Ranks
Easiest way to get analyst price targets. Add all your holdings to the smart portfolio to get a calendar list of ex-div dates and earnings releases as well as news on all your stocks in one place.

Fund Fee Analyzer
Plug all the funds in your 401k into this database for the fastest window to see what you’re really paying.

“Next 5 year” Growth Rate Estimates
Most discounted cash flow (DCF) calculators require a growth rate. Near the bottom of all the analysis you will find the next 5 year estimate you can use in the calculator. The default on this link is for Mcdonald’s so just enter the new symbol in the search box and it will change over. Finviz generally displays this figure as well, but the number reported here tends to be more accurate and up to date.

Whale Wisdom
This is the easiest way to view what the big guys are buying.  You can find 13F filings (buys, sells, current holdings) from banks, hedge funds, asset management companies, universities, etc. Infinitely easier than reading an actual 13F filing. They are long and boring as hell.

Earnings Whispers
The number one site for info on upcoming earnings releases.

Insider Trades
Quite a few sites have this info, but this one and Finviz are the easiest to navigate.

Executive Pay and Salaries
Check here to see how the top guys of companies you want to invest in are compensated. Ideally, their pay structure will benefit shareholders and not just line their own wallets.

Upcoming Spinoff List
Historical data shows that spinoff stocks tend to outperform the broad market

REIT Master List
Best used in Tax Advantaged Accounts

BDC Master List
Best used in Tax Advantaged Accounts

MLP Master List
Do NOT use in Tax-Advantaged Accounts.

Free Guru Screeners

Build multiple stock watchlists based on criteria from the masters. Let them pick the stocks for you. REALLY helps with the learning curve if you’re just starting out.

Nasdaq Guru Screener
Way fewer choices, but includes Motley Fool small cap screener.

News Sources

Wall Street Journal




Financial Times

Business Insider
(the BuzzFeed of the financial world)

The News Extremists Approach (for eliminating confirmation bias)
With any big market or economic news, see how the articles are written on both of the sites below. Facts and figures that match on both sites are the ones you can usually assume are fairly accurate and can be used to form ideas on how markets may be affected. Always try to avoid being swayed by your personal opinions. Being mad or disagreeing with an opinion on either site doesn’t change market outcomes.

Huffington Post
The left wing mecca (super-liberals/generally Democrats) news site

The right wing (super-conservatives/generally Republicans) news site



AAII Sentiment Survey (updated Thursdays)

CNN Fear & Greed Indicator

TD Ameritrade Investor Movement Index

S&P 500 P/E Ratio

Shiller CAPE Ratio

Market Cap/GDP Ratio

Conference Board  LEI

Market Breadth

Meb Faber’s Timing Model

Daily Treasury Rate Yields

10y2y Spread

10y3m Spread

Economic Indicators
TradeEconomics one page view of the most popular figures.

Junk Bond to Treasury Spread
aka The ICE BofAML US High Yield Master II Option-Adjusted Spread.

Margin Debt

Housing Opportunity Index

Case-Shiller Home Price Indexes

Long Term Trends
A list of a few  the more obscure indicators (copper/gold, etc)

Trending Google Searches

Numismatic (Collectibles and Commodities) Dealers

Gold, silver, rare coins.

JM Bullion
Another trustworthy gold and silver dealer.

David Hall Rare Coins
Rare coin dealer and probably the world’s foremost expert. They can put together an investment coin portfolio for you.

Buy gold digitally and have your metals stored in vaults by one of the most reputable companies in finance.

Sotheby’s Auctions
Upcoming art and collectible auctions.

Colonial Stamps
Investment grade stamps up into the millions. The highest end pieces will have you request the price.

Stanley Gibbons
200 year old British dealer of rare stamps. Handles investments for the Royal Family.

Fraser’s Autographs
High end collectible autographs and rare books.

Bauman Rare Books and Raptist Rare Books
Rare books and collectible paraphernalia.