Read the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Other Paid News Sites for Free

At least once in your life I’m sure you’ve gone to read an article linked up from a favorite site only to find a stupid popup asking for a ridiculous amount of money to read the rest of the article. Typically the ad begging for money will block the content or just blur it all out. Pain in the ass. NSFW has a solution you could “hypothetically” use if one were so inclined…

For articles from the WSJ, Forbes, Bloomberg, and most Newspapers

*UPDATE 12/20/19*

Several sites including the WSJ have updated the paywall security. If the Outline method doesn’t work, you will need to use the following updated Github extension link.

Paywall Bypass

*UPDATE 5/20/19*

WSJ will show you the paywall, but if you click X on the ad it will disappear.


Go to

Copy and paste the URL of the article you want to read into the box and click Create Outline.

outline picture

Every now and then, the Outline program just doesn’t cut it and won’t get past the paywall. Business Insider Prime is a good example,  If by chance, the site is down or you can’t get a result to load. Try this next trick…

Most paywalls are bypassed if you disable JavaScript. For people that aren’t total tech nerds, here are the easiest methods:

PC Users: Open Chrome, click this link and install the Toggle JavaScript plugin. Go to the article you want to read and click the icon in your browser toolbar to disable java.  Reload the page. If you use Mozilla (Firefox), you can just click the reader mode to bypass most walls. If you use internet explorer, you better be a card carrying member of AARP… Use a better browser.

MAC users:  Read the most up to date method at the Apple tutorial page for disabling java in Safari

Voila! You’ve “hypothetically” bypassed the paywall and “hypothetically” saved hundreds of $ in paywall news sources. Just remember to switch Java back on when closing out the article so that the rest of your browsing is unaffected. 

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**For the more advanced tech guys out there, see below for a chrome extension build to bypass needing to use Outline. You will probably still have cookie popups using this method.

Bypass Paywall