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We’re lazy and copying a metric shit-ton of links isn’t our favorite way to start our day. For an easy one click way to read what somebody much smarter than us is reading daily, see below.

Ed Yardeni: What I Am Reading



A semi-hidden part of Business Insider that narrows down the news to different investment markets

Markets Insider


BONUS #2: The following are great for (close to) daily lessons that generally mix news with investment ideas. Beware the click-bait links though.


Jeff Clark’s Market Minute

What are Analysts Expecting for 2019?

  1. First off, they’re bullish on Energy above all else. That wouldn’t be too hard considering the smack down laid down on oil in October. Energy is followed by healthcare (another big shocker), communication services, and materials.
  2. Broad market expectations are mixed. With S&P 500 target estimates ranging from 2,705 to 3,350.
  3. If you read the above two things you realize that nobody knows nothin’… Earnings are expected to slow down as well as economic growth and we’re in for a hell of a lot more volatility. Time to sell premium (if you know how… and if you don’t stay tuned)

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